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Sm@rt btl has the expertise to manage different types of databases and generate insights for your products and/or services; and we can also provide the training tools you'll need to make the most of the information.

Sm@rt btl is dedicated to researching, developing, implementing and monitoring the right applied data intelligence. We know that data management is one of the most important disciplines in any company; and that thousands of businesses, from start-ups to billion dollar companies, need affordable, reliable, and easy to use data processing systems. Our sm@rt btl data unit is able to provide you with the tools to gather, enter, analyze and share information internally and externally.

That’s why we can adapt or customize proven software options for your business. We work hard and are committed to go that extra digital mile in your behalf. We can also provide the training tools you'll need to make the most of the information.



crmCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely used strategy for managing a company's interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It uses technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities–but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.

With Sm@rt btl CRM's expertise and tools you can find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.

Sm@rt btl uses the most effective and current methods to address your needs, define the scope of platforms, and assure information security and data generation.


DIRECTACTICS – The Data Engine©

Sm@rt btl’s Directactics recognizes that as digital technologies are expanding the power and reach of research, they are also creating complex issues. These include complications in ensuring the validity of research data; standards that do not keep pace with the high rate of innovation; restrictions on data that reduce the user’s ability to verify results and build on previous research; and huge increases in the amount of data being generated. That’s why we strive to provide our Clients with unique, simple, actionable and measurable data input that’s supported by verifiable customer/responder interaction.


sm@rt btl’s Directactics – The Data Engine© has a database of 237 million U.S. individuals with over 3,000 fields associated (not always populated) with each record. Millions of prospects can be postal mailed, contacted by phone (not listed on the Do Not Call [DNC] file), or e-mailable. And we possess and update other data that we use to model and predict likelihood to purchase or ways to stimulate trial and use based on proven analytic techniques.


Our web publishing affiliates (whose sites number in the thousands) can access a high percentage of these prospects. Our Direct Response Television (DRTV), print and remnant media partners can test, deliver and roll-out a volume of messages that would stimulate awareness and potentially buy a product or service and/or enroll/registrate online or via other registration options.


Response to multi-media initiatives comes through many channels which can deliver anything from a brand reminder to a comprehensive and interactive customer satisfaction survey, all of which result in meaningful consumer engagement. These interactions may lead to product trial; should trigger consideration for switching; prompt enrollment in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program; or generate a qualified lead – even a purchasing decision. In every case, a marketer and consumer will gain insights into their prospect’s reason for purchase or response. Modeling and analysis will further subsequent engagements, enabling more purposeful and better outcomes.

Directactics seeks to empower the marketer and consumer with targeted messaging, personalized offers and responses, and creative communications from the first impression to management of the fulfillment process in a continuity marketing relationship – in traditional or digital formats. 
No matter the vertical, product or service, our tools, apps and experience can be deployed on your behalf. That’s not a promise; it is in our communications DNA.


Data WarehouseData Warehouse’s Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a system used to collect data, most of which are transactional data, such as purchase records, etc., from one or more transactional data sources that's aggregated into a central data location.

With our ETL Database and Reporting (Direct Tactics) you can report data to key users inside or outside your organization. This system generally consists of process in database usage and warehousing that involves three stages:

Extracting data from internal and external sources

Transforming data to fit operational needs (which can include quality levels)

Loading it into the end target (database or data warehouse)

With Sm@rt btl's ETL Direct Tactics tools you'll be able to warehouse, process and store large amounts of information. We provide storage space on our robust servers, as well as tech support to design, service, customize, tune up, replicate and migrate your critical information.

Microsoft Corporation and Oracle certify us as database design and data managers, so you can feel confident that your database is accessible and secure.


Reporting ServicesYou can leverage Sm@rt btl Reporting Services (RS) by significantly enhancing performance and responsiveness for targeted end users. Our RS has been designed to work with existing security models with minimal customization.

It also works with existing user, group and record level security, and can be exported to a variety of formats, including: Excel, Word, RTF, PDF, OpenOffice, XML, Embedded and Bulk CSV for large data dumps/exports. Users can select whichever format they prefer from the same reports.

Sm@rt btl also offers Reporting Services on demand, which allows the creation of reports, graphics, and data that’s accessible to the company either on demand or by periodic scheduling. And you can depend on our programming, utilization and monitoring capabilities. This gives you the flexibility to automate important tasks that are critical in the decision-making process.


Business IntelligenceWith Sm@rt btl Business Intelligence (BI) tools you can upload or synchronize data from spreadsheets, web or traditional applications. You can also build powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with easy drag-and-drop interfaces. This allows you to share reports and dashboards with key performance indicators – internally and externally.

And Sm@rt btl BI can also analyze your data quickly and effectively, so you can obtain insights and share them with your management teams instantly. It will help you identify and track customer behavior and detect potential CRM problems that can be diagnosed and fixed quickly.

Our Sm@rt btl BI professionals have deep experience in working with intelligence gathering and analytical platforms that can help you retain your customer base, identify new customers and stay ahead of the competition.


CRM: Customer Relationship Management

BI: Business Intelligence



Survey ResearchResearch can be a time consuming and sometimes tedious task, but with sm@rt btl Research expertise and tools you make it easier for yourself. Our goal is to help supplement and improve your research needs by optimizing valuable internal and external resources for your company.

Our tools can connect you to your primary consumers and elicit their point of view about the products they buy, the services they use, the Web sites they visit and more.

Sm@rt btl research strategies are deep and include demographics, psychographics and behavioral data. We use data collection forms, telemarketing campaigns and interviews, as well as online surveys. This generates updated and reliable information that will allow you to manage strategic segmentation and classification of your customers.

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